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A range of service solutions

Our Promise to you

The Employer is always the Client

We are committed to building a time-hounored reputation through the provision of professional consulting and effective sourcing. 

With this we promise:

  • Full confidentiality towards the Employer and the Applicant
  • Only to accept assignments which we believe we can complete
  • To always follow up and follow through on each assignment we assist with
  • To conduct a rigorous interviewing process, inclusive of criminal, credit, qualification verifications and truthful reference checking, with each Applicant that we put forward for the role. The Employer will have the opportunity to personalize additional questions for the Referee.

What we can offer

We nurture our Client relationships by upholding our impeccable service levels

At Absolute Mining & Engineering Recruitment (Pty) Ltd we ensure that every Client enjoys a professional talent acquisition and an expert service experience.

Our specialist focus puts us in a favorable position to provide Employers with a range of service solutions including executive search, contingency recruitment and temporary base assignments across Mining, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Power & Renewable Energy, Construction and Manufacturing industries, across the continent.

With the ability of utilising our extensive database, unique sourcing strategies and industry association networks, together with exceptional understanding of recruiting within the above markets, Absolute Mining & Engineering is capable of reaching hard-to-find candidates, supplying appropriate solutions to Employers in real time. This results in us being efficient and effective in both the time to hire and cost per hire whilst our guarantee for quality of service remains intact.

Guarantee Period 
We offer a unique 98 day guarantee for our service.

Our Clients can be assured, through our thorough identification and analysis, that they will be readily armed with accurate data on the focus market, as well as a comprehensive mapping of the prevalent talent solutions required for making an informed decision.

All Applicants undergo an in-depth screening process (background, ITC and reference checking) and the Employer will be granted the opportunity of personalising additional questions for the Referee.

As a value added service to Employers, we promote their business to every Applicant we take forward to a role. Once the Applicant commences employment, we further boost his/ her ability to perform within your organisation by assuring a smooth transition for both the organisation and the employee through the guidance of a multitude of workplace situations.

Why Us?

Our specialist focus on Mining & Engineering related careers is undoubtedly our single greatest differentiator. The technical expertise developed grants us an unparalleled understanding of the industries’ requirements. It has also allowed us to develop a comprehensive Candidate Database. We can therefore fulfill your needs far more expediently than a generalist agency.

Every time we undertake a search our aim is to find the best possible candidate – nothing less.

We are obsessed with quality and follow a strict decision making search process with every new search mandate:

  • Planning (an initial meeting/ telephonic discussion to fully understand Employer’s requirements – develop of a comprehensive search plan)
  • Identification & Assessment (following appropriate search channels and sourcing methods – conducting thorough interviewing with eligible applicants – Progress Reports)
  • Shortlist of Applicants & Client interviewing (Formal reference checking)
  • Applicant Selection & Client offer (Contract negotiation)  
  • Follow Up (Ensure proper start – Follow up Consultation – Continuing obligations)

We can personalise our recruitment process to match each Employer’s needs

We limit the number of searches we work on so that we can give our Clients personalized and individual attention in order to source the most exceptional Applicants.

All our Consultants are registered members of the Association of Personnel Service Organizations (APSO) and also conform to the regulations as set out by the Department of Labour.

In terms of the BEE Codes of Good Practice, Absolute Mining & Engineering Recruitment (Pty) Ltd is allocated a BEE contributor level rating of Level 4. Any qualifying purchases you make from us can be claimed at the rate of 100% of your procurement spend with us.

We offer a unique 98 day guarantee for our service.

Our relationship with Clients and Applicants is long term

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